Hospital Management Software

Healthcare technology is moving so fast. From appointment booking to inventory management, billing, laboratory management, everything is now controlled by hospital management software. It's a great opportunity to utilize this innovative technology to reduce manual paper efforts and adopt the new paperless system.

Used Skills

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, Laravel, Codinator, WordPress, .Net, Raw php

To improve the healthcare industry, we are developed multifunctional hospital management software. With that hospital management system, A healthcare organization can automate its several functions like Online Appointment Management System, Doctor Consultation Management, Billing & Discharge Summary, Laboratory Management and so on. Our hospital management system also integrated with several important modules and processes related to patients, which ensure full control of administrative staff, medical professionals and also ensure timely patient care and quick diagnosis. Apart from this, we can also add new features and modules based on the client's requirements.

Our hospital management system is web-based software and can be used from anywhere in the world. It comes with a nice user-friendly interface and very easy to manage. No technical training is required, any non-technical person can use the software. Not to mention, our hospital management system is developed in a highly secured platform that is not easily hackable. We also make sure that, Your data stored in a secure place and free from unauthorized access.

Hospital Management Software Core Features

  1. Patient Registration
  2. Out-Door Management
  3. Indoor Management
  4. Out-Patient Management
  5. Doctor Appointment Scheduling
  6. Doctor Service management
  7. Doctor Consultation Management
  1. Hospital Payroll Management
  2. Patient Billing
  3. OT Service Management
  4. Pharmacy Management System
  5. Account Management System
  6. Doctor Service Management
  7. SMS sending Facility
  1. Bed & Wards Management
  2. Inventory Management System
  3. Patient Relations
  4. Stock Details Modules
  5. Employee Management
  6. Patient Admission

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