Food Ordering system

Food Ordering Cooker is not a common delivery and order application. It is meant for both customers and restaurant/business owners to have a benefit from using this app. Build your menu with our simple drag-and-drop suite to create an intuitive food ordering experience for your customers – without having to write a single line of code.

Add all of your dishes and options for extras like toppings, sides and garnishes to give your customers a professional ordering experience. Your new app’s online ordering system will integrate seamlessly with an Android powered wireless printer, meaning you can automatically print orders and send them to your kitchen with ease.

Allow your customers to create their own account and save their favourite meals and orders to keep them coming back for more. Give your users all the benefits of a site like Just Eat, without the margin stretching commission rates.

Take card payments using your preferred payment gateway directly through your mobile app. Our takeaway app builder integrates with a variety of popular gateways, as well as offering the option to take payments through PayPal or cash on delivery.

Incentivise loyalty by offering a discount and check-out for your top spending customers. Simply set up a minimum spend amount and loyalty percentage and give your best customers a reward for their business.

1. Start with an app template

The template features a gorgeous food ordering menu, checkout system and loyalty program.

2. Brand your app’s appearance

Upload your logo and design your colour scheme in seconds using your Facebook page or website.

3. Customise your menu easily

Add your menu items, customise your toppings and upload photos of your dishes with our simple editor.

4. Launch your app!

With a few clicks, you can launch your app and place it in your customers’ hands.

Benefits for customers:

  1. Good overview on the restaurants new offers and promotion meals
  2. Easier reservations
  3. Faster ordering
  1. Better overview of your orders
  2. Choosing easily between delivery or eating at the restaurant
  3. Getting a chance for a restaurant manager to receive a free meal or a discount

Benefits for customers:

  1. Better overview of the current orders and reservations
  2. Simple interface for new offers and promotion changes
  3. Solution for retaining customers and bringing the new ones
  1. Interface adapted for the owners, managers and employees
  2. Easier to make a business development plan

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